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Everything you need to know about inviting guests

Last Updated: Sep 10, 2014 03:34PM BST
Q : How many guests need to confirm they are attending my party?
A : Unless we state otherwise, there should be 10 of you at each party (i.e. you + 9 friends).
Q : Can I invite more guests than the required number?
A : Yes if you’ve got the space! However, bear in mind that there may not be enough goodies inside your Come Round party pack to go around if you invite too many people.
Q: If I invite a couple who have one email address between them does that count as two invitations?

A: No. One guest per email address.
Q : What if I not enough of my guests have confirmed they are attending my party?
A : It could be that you won’t be able to host your party. The reason for this is that all the party packs are provided free of charge by our partners. Understandably, they are only happy to let this happen if they know that enough people will be at the parties.
Q : How do I invite my guests?
A : Guests can only be invited through your Come Round account. If you are “Shortlisted” to host a party, then log in to your Come Round account and follow the simple guest invitation steps there. You’ll need email address’ for all of your guests in order to invite them through your Come Round account. You can only invite your guests through your Come Round account - that way we can see how many people are coming to each party.
Q : Can I invite guests any other way? (e.g. text message, Facebook, Twitter, phone…)
A : No. Only guests invited via your Come Round account will count.
Q: How do my guests RSVP?

A: Once you invite a guest through your Come Round account an email will be sent to that guest asking them to RSVP through a unique link in that email. That email will take them to the Come Round website where they will need to RSVP to say whether they are or are not attending your party.
Q : Can guests RSVP any other way? (e.g. text message, Facebook, Twitter, phone…)
A : No.
Q : Do all my guests have to RSVP?
A : Yes,  the required number of guests need to have RSVP’d to say they are attending your party. They need to have RSVP’d through their Come Round account before the relevant deadline. Otherwise you are unlikely to receive a free party pack.
Q : What if my guests don’t have email addresses?
A : Then please email us at
Q : Will Come Round be telling the whole world that I’m having a party and revealing my name and address?
A : Absolutely not! All we do is send a private email to the guests you want to invite to your party.
Q : Who will see the address where my party is held?
A : Only the guests you’ve invited and our delivery company we use to deliver you your party pack.
Q : How old do I need to be to be a guest at a Come Round party?

A : You need to be over 18. If you are under 18 but over 13 years old, then you must get the permission of your parents or guardians before attending a Come Round party.
Q : Can I include my own personal message on the invitation which is sent to my party guests?
A : Yes, you can. There is a text box where you can add your own message.
Q : My guests are saying they aren’t receiving their invitations. How do I help them?
A : First off, tell them to check their junk mail folders just in case their invitation is lurking in there.  Please also ask them to check their junk folder settings as something in there could also be blocking our invitations getting through. If that doesn’t work, please email us at
Q : Do I need to invite all my guests in one go or can I come back and invite them one by one on different dates?
A : Yes. You can simply log into your Come Round account and send more invitations any time you like as long as it’s before the relevant deadline. 

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