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Last Updated: Sep 09, 2014 04:35PM BST
Q : Can I choose where to host a Come Round party?
A : Typically Come Round parties take place in people’s homes. It is absolutely crucial that party hosts get permission from that home-owner(s) before applying to be a party host. Without that permission, you cannot host – sorry.
Q : Is there a particular date I need to hold my party on?

A : Yes, all parties must be held on the date advertised by Come Round. That’s how we get the nation partying all at the same time! This is important.
Q : I’ve been chosen to host a party but can no longer make it on the required party date. Can I reschedule the party?
A : Hmm not really.  But we understand that life can be unpredictable so if you think you might need to reschedule your party, then email us at as soon as possible. In extreme cases, we will allow a party to be rescheduled. If we do allow you to reschedule, be sure to tell your guests of the new party date! And please make sure that it’s as close to the original party date as possible, otherwise you’ll feel a bit left out when the rest of the country is partying and talking about their parties!
Q : Does it matter what time I host my party?

A : It’s up to you and your guests unless we tell you that your party should be at a specific time of day.
Q : How long should my party last?
A : As long as you want!
Q : What am I supposed to do at a Come Round party?
A : Have a good time (obviously). We nearly always create some party activities which, as a party host, you must take part in. There are usually some really exciting party competitions in relation to those activities where you and your party can win fab prizes

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